Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weekly Jog Log: Feb. 28-Mar. 6

Tuesday 3/1/2011
Poplar Forest - 7 miles + barefoot (56:00)
Had a good run this morning. Was a bit chilly because the air was very damp from all the rain we had yesterday. Most mornings I do this run with my head lamp so I don't face plant on the back roads by poplar forest. There seems to be a high frequency of large, misplaced boulders that more often than is desirable decide to jump out at my feet. Well this morning I forgot my limitation a almost paid for it. Due to recent gale force winds, there just so happens to be a large number of giant sticks all over. These sticks are also completely invisible to the human eye at 5:30 in the morning. Thankfully, the particular stick that decided to make acquaintances with my shin, was kind enough to break before bringing me to the ground. The other issue with forgetting your headlamp is this, in the rare occasion that you happen to meet other morning joggers who were fortunate to remember their illumination, they can't see you. Doesn't matter if you are wearing a bright obnoxious reflective vest and breathing like a stuck pig at christmas. This chick just about ran me over but right before the impending collision, she saw me an most likely pooped herself from fear. Quite hilarious until I see the same joggers three miles later. I'm very sorry for whoever you are!

Wednesday 3/2/2011
LMTS-10 miles + barefoot
Ran up Candlers mountain and the back thru the trails via the camp hydeaway trail head. This was only meant to be a six mile jaunt but ended up being around ten. I got really hungry during this run. Actually, the last two days I've gotten real hungry mid run. I think my fat stores might officially gone and now I will really need to concentrate on fueling. Finished the run with a fast barefoot loop around campus.

Thursday 3/3/2011
Poplar forest-7 miles (55:00)
Ran in the Vibrams today. My intention was to just go real easy but my feet tend to get a little carried away in the Vibrams. Ended up turning into a training run of sorts. Felt good to sustain a strong effort for a couple miles. I also got cussed at by some older lady in 70s jogging suit because her dog would have rather joined me than trudged along with her. Rude!

Friday 3/4/2011
Subway run-3.5 miles (35:00)
Ran to subway and back with Patsy to get some lunch. We went at the worst possible time because school was letting out and there was lots of traffic and Patsy is not very skilled when it comes to navigating traffic as a pedestrian. Sorry love! Was real easy jog just to get to my legs moving.

The running week was cut short due to some scheduling mix-ups at work and weekend travel plans. It was still a good week of running and outdoor enjoyment. Due to a successful(more about this later) weekend trip, let's just say my scenery will be changing soon. Please check back for some exciting updates on that subject!

Total Miles Jogged: 27 miles
Total Time Jogging: 4 hours

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