Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekly Jog Log: Feb. 21-27

Monday 2/21/2011
Wyndhurst 3.5 miles barefoot (35:00)
Legs were real tight this morning from yesterday's unintentional "Patsy-mile-repeats." Went barefoot the whole run. Decided to try my hand at geocaching along the way. Found one, more still pending.

Tuesday 2/22/2011
Day off
Calves were still so sore. Took the day off. Brought ice packs to work with some tall socks and stuffed the ice packs in the back in hopes to speed recovery. Should've done this yesterday because by the end of the day my legs already feeling better.

Wednesday 2/23/2011
Still hurting
Right leg is a go, left is still a bit iffy. Should be back in action by tomorrow. I sure hope so anyway, I'm getting stir crazy.

Thursday 2/24/2011
Wyndhurst-3 miles (26:30)
Wore the Vibrams because my legs felt much least I thought they did. About a mile in I could tell that everything was still way too tight. After brief mile-long argument with myself I turned back. Listening to my body on this one. So frustrating.

Friday 2/25/2011
Frustration...the end

Saturday 2/26/2011
Poplar Forest-7 miles + barefoot (55:00)
Finally was able to run without pain...sort of. Calves got pretty sore about three miles in. Finished with a mile barefoot and an ice bath. Hopefully that will help keep the soreness away.

Sunday 2/27/2011
Blackwater Creek Bike Trails-8.5 miles + barefoot (1:20ish)

Today was Patsy's long run day and I wanted to make sure to not have a repeat of last week so we set up a better plan on how to meet up when parting ways. Thankfully it worked flawlessly. It was really warm out and the run did not start well as we had some issues with Patsy's asthma acting up. But the little fart has some determination and powered thru it and it ended up being a good run after all. Patsy is the best at negative splits. Every long run we have been on together she gets faster as the run goes on. I know there are many who are envious of this skill/habit. I started the run barefoot and after about 2 and half miles we split up. I wore the Vibrams on the dirt bike trails and we met back up to head back to the car. Patsy was in much better spirits about the run when we met back up. I was very proud of her determined effort today. We are definitely going to be racing together shortly.   

Tough week for me running-wise. Thankfully I was able to get some solid runs in at the end of the week. In other news,tomorrow I have a phone interview for a job in AZ. If it goes well, the month of March could prove to be very busy. But for now, keep praying for wisdom and openness to the Lord's will to be evident.

Total Miles Jogged: 22.5 miles
Total Time Jogging:3:23
How High?:1476 Feet

Jog on mates!

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