Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekly Jog Log: January 9th-January 15th

Monday 1/9/2012
Arizona Canal Bike Home-12 miles (53 minutes)

Tuesday 1/10/2012
AM-Arizona Canal-7 miles (57 minutes) + 5 minutes barefoot
Chilly up-tempo run on the canal this morning under a full moon. Only used the headlamp a few times. Went in the same direction where I encountered the dog last week. Even tossed a rock under the overpass before going under. This was one of those runs where you feel like something is behind you the whole time. Not cool.   

Wednesday 1/11/2012
PM-Arizona Canal Bike Home-12 miles (49 minutes)

PM-Dreadmill Hill Workout-5 miles (48 minutes)
Due to the lack of convenient hills near our apartment I decided to succumb to the convenience of the "dread" mill at our apartment complex. Due to my lack of hill training recently this workout was going to be a struggle. And it was. Warmed with one mile jog, then alternated 2 mins @ 12% incline, then 2 mins recovery jog...or something like that. This revealed that I severely need to work on my hill running because this workout was a struggle.

Thursday 1/12/2012
PM-Arizona Canal Bike Home-12 miles (47 mins)
      -AZ Canal-5.2 miles (37 mins)
I went out for one of my fastest runs in quite some time immediately following my bike ride home. Was interesting how easy it felt to run this quick right after a pretty quick bike ride as well.

Friday 1/13/2012
PM-Arizona Canal Bike Home-12 miles (50 mins)
Last day of work!! Being as this was my last day of work, it will likely be my last bike-commute, of the 12 mile variety anyway!

 Sunday 1/15/2012
 AZ Canal-10 miles (90 minutes)
Went out on a easy run for Patsy's long run for the week.

Run Total: 27 miles
Total Time: 4 hours
Bike Total: 61 miles
Total Time: 4:10 hours

Was a low mileage week running-wise. I cut back intentionally because up until Saturday afternoon, there was still a possibility I was going to be running a marathon Sunday morning. Obviously that plan didn't play out. Still a solid week between cycling and running. This next week will also be a lower week because I just registered for the Coldwater Rumble 31k to be held on the Estrella Mountains this upcoming week. I'm excited to finally race again, just wish they didn't come with such a price tag.

In other-than-running news. I resigned my job on Friday, January 13th in efforts to complete my graduate degree (finally!). Tomorrow morning I begin student-teaching at a local high school. Pray that I am not eaten alive by high schoolers! I'm sure this next week will be interesting and my next post should follow suit! Until then,

Jog on Mates!

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