Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Art of falling

My running as of late has been rather boring and somewhat uninspired. I have been pounding lots of pavement which has taught me speed once again but I miss the ups and downs of hills. However, today I went for a nice 17 mile trail run around Wickenburg on a trail that grows on me every time I run it.
On the return leg of this out n back jaunt, I thought it useful to test a skill that I has eluded me for the entirety of my running career. The art of falling. I recently watched a documentary film entitled The Art of Flight about a group of snowboarders who artfully carve, fly, and crash around some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Running trails allows runners to much of the same thing just without as much most cases. So while enjoying my mid-morning jaunt along a ridge out Wickenburg way, I figured I would attempt my own artistic flight.

Missing from the results above is the large bruise/abrasion on my upper thigh. I took the picture too hastily and dropping one's drawers in a public library to snap a picture of your upper thigh region might result in some unwanted consequences.

You see, greater distance would have been achieved had my takeoff not been hindered by a small pebble that jumped up and grabbed the big toe on my right foot precisely before launch. This interference obviously decreased my launching power as well as caused my landing to become a face plant rather than a graceful work of art (which it usually is).

This is not my first attempt at a mid-run aerial maneuver. A few weeks back I attempted this stunt at 5:30 in the morning on a sidewalk. I wanted to hone in my nighttime flying skills. Once again, interference by a curb prevented the necessary propulsion and stability to complete targeted skill. Shoulder drag and forearm slide resulted.

You may be asking yourself, why attempt such maneuvers?

Practice makes perfect right?

I recently read that some are able to perform graceful "tuck n roll" style maneuvers and continue on their journey as if nothing ever happened. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what I am striving for. This, is the skill that has eluded me. This is the goal! I have the belly flop down quite well. I am even getting better at the forearm slide, shoulder drag, and knee braking (I have scars to prove it). But the elusive "tuck n roll" is the one that keeps getting away!

Jog on mates!

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