Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weekly Jogging and the Grand Canyon

Monday, November 5th
Library Loop-5 miles (46 mins)
Finally found a loop that is almost completely uninterrupted that is interesting enough to keep it interesting. Still very flat but hopeuflly that will encourage some speed back into my legs. 

Tuesday, November 6th
Surprise Wandering-5 miles (46 mins)
The missus took an impromptu day off so that meant it was a lazy day in the Carlson household. This was intended to be a run to a park but ended up getting turned around and headed back home.  

Wednesday, November 7th
Bike Commute from Peoria HS-8.6 miles (35 mins)

Barefoot to the Library and Back-3 miles (24 mins)

Thursday, November 8th
AM: Library Loop-4 miles (30 mins) 
Felt crappy and unrunnable all this morning. 

PM: Centennial HS Bike Commute-9 miles (40 mins)

Friday, November 9th
Bike Commute to W. White Tank-8.5 miles (41 mins)
W. White Tank Wander-11 miles (101 minutes)
Bike Commute from W. White Tank-8.5 miles (35 mins)
Decided to give the White Tanks another try. After the bike ride my legs felt pretty heavy so I knew that this would be some slow plodding but I had a strong urge to explore. My goal was to see if the Ford Canyon Trail was accessible from this end but I didn't quite make it. I made it to the competitive track parking lot and did not realize how close the trail was from there. This will be a good run for a Saturday when I don't have to ride the bike to the "Trailhead". 

Saturday, November 10th
Rincon Rd-Box Canyon Jeep Trails-10 miles (105 minutes)
Another exploration run. Decided to just go out and run where ever I felt led and ended up finding some very scenic jeep trails out Wickenburg Way that I have not yet explored. Took my normal route up Rincon Rd. but rather than turning toward the Scenic Ridge Trail, I kept going and turned off toward Box Canyon. Once there I took a new jeep road that ended up leading me toward the Northern End of Sophie's Flat Trail. Due to my constant stopping this took quite a bit longer than anticipated so I bush wacked my way back to the car, trespassing along the way.  
Pano From top of one of the climbs
Sunday, November 11th
Bright Angel Trail to 3 Mi. Rest House-6 miles (2 hours)
Woke up at the late hour of 2am to start the drive to the Grand Canyon. The weather called for cold weather so we were bundled up. It was 6 degrees when we arrived but warmed to a balmy 22 by the time we started hiking. Ashamedly, this was our first trip to the Great hole even though we are going on two years in this state. I am going to post some pictures but they don't even come close to capturing the beauty of the Canyon. If you would like to see the full set of photos you can visit the Facebook Album.

First View...Ever.

My Blood Has Thinned. Atop Bright Angel Trail
Looking up from our Picnic Spot @ Mile 3
Me and My Lady

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