Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekly Jog Log Feb. 7th-Feb. 13th

Monday 2/7/2011
Beechwood 2.6 miles (23:00)
Went real easy on this one. Gearing down this week as I've recently ramped up my mileage. This used to be my daily run. Was nice to return to some old routes. 

Tuesday 2/8/2011
Poplar Forest-8 miles (1:06)
AM-Ran my normal route backwards and added an extra mile. Great run. Legs felt great from taking the previous day real easy. Still gonna cut back a little this week. Planning for higher mileage next week. 

Story time... After work, I went out to eat with Patsy and her mother. At dinner, Patsy surprised me with this watch!....Let me just say that this thing has since changed my life. No longer do I have to hit a button to start and stop the time or wonder about how far I've ran. It does everything for me. Pretty cool. I'm a sucker for information and this thing provides copious amounts of data for each run.

PM-Barefoot run to the trash and back to test out the watch. Learned that it is exactly .57 miles round trip to the dumpster with a total elevation gain of 62 feet. Useless....maybe....Awesome...most definitely.

Wednesday 2/9/2011
Candlers Mtn.- 8 miles (1:20)
This was another run mainly to explore some trails I have yet to run on Candlers Mtn. There was pretty steep portions of this run that forced my to power hike up them rather than run. I also got lost a couple of times on roads that led to nowhere and chose to not trespass this time. So this made the run a bit more interesting.

Thursday 2/10/2011
Poplar Forest- 7 miles (59:00)
Another stock run to just get moving for the day. This run is proving to be my go to run when I don't know where to go. 

Saturday 2/12/2011
Appalachian Trail- 3.6 miles (1:05)    
Got Valentine's Weekend started early this year by spending the evening with my bride at the Craddock Terry Hotel in downtown Lynchburg. We then celebrated with a fine dinner of Lobster and Crab and Shoemakers Grill.  

We then made a stop at Riverside Runners to purchase my wife a pair of shoes. This was a long overdue trip as hers were pretty old. After trying on a few pair she settled on Brooks Ghost 3 because it felt like she was "walking on clouds". I had tried this shoe a year ago and had accidentally purchased a size too small and wasn't able to find my size upon returning them. 

Patsy's New Shoe!

After this pit stop we grabbed some lunch and then drove out to the Appalachian Trail to hike/run around for a bit. The trail was right along the James River and the wind was quite cold but once we made it into the woods it was beautiful. This was my ploy to getting Patsy to start trail running with me. I think it may have worked as we ended up running half of the time and then hiking the rest. I think that this will become a more regular occurence.

Sunday 2/13/2011
Percival Island-6 miles barefoot (1:09)
Ran barefoot with Patsy on her long run again. We have some discrepancy with the actual distance of the run because the Garmin said 6.1 miles but Patsy's iPod Nike+ said closer to 7. So we'll just go with 6-7 miles. Either way, running with my hot wife can never be a bad time. Was good to go this far completely barefoot and my feet have definitely adapted to longer periods of running unshod. 

Overall, good week of mileage and fun new technology. Was real relaxed about mileage this week. I am actually going to run my first race of the year and first race since the Marathon.  I'm pretty excited about this because I have been able to a lot more trail running whereas last year trails were foreign language.

Liberty Mountain 5k Trail Race

Total Miles Jogged: 25
Total Time Jogging: 4:43
*New Feature* Total Elevation: 2, 439 ft.

Big News in future Posts!! 

Jog on Mates!  

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