Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekly Jog Log: Jan. 31-Feb. 6

Monday 1/31/2011
Poplar Forest 7 (1:07)-5 min barefoot
Real tired this morning. Just getting over the last remnants of my cold. Took it very slow and then slipped in a little barefoot at the end to help shake out the legwebs.

Tuesday 2/1/2011
Poplar Forest 7 (1:00)-5 min barefoot
Much faster than yesterday. Scared a whole bunch of deer out of someone's yard. Amazing how there can be so many deer in such residential areas. Makes me miss Minnesota.

Wednesday 2/2/2011
Candlers Mtn to Top of Snowflex-6.5 mi (59:00)
GROUND HOG DAY! Praying for more winter and some snow that lasts! Today's run ended up turning into an exploration/discover run to find some new trails up on the LMTS. Ended up taking a trail that turned into a very high incline. My run slowly turned into a power hike. The clouds were real low this morning so it was cool emerging from the woods to find myself at the top of Snowflex. Not too sure how much I'll use this route until I become much better at scaling steep inclines.    
View from Top of Snowflex looking down.

Thursday 2/3/2011
18 mi bike ride
Took today off of running since I had to work early and didn't feel very lively in the morning. Was able to ride the bike with my wife. Ended up riding about 18 miles while reading McDougall's Born to Run book. I've been reading this book slowly over the past couple of months. Great read. Good stories on some great runners and also support for the barefoot running community that seems to be growing larger.

Saturday 2/5/2011
AM-Exploration on the Trails-9.5 miles (1:19)
Again, I decided to modify the routes that I already knew of so I could learn more about the trails on LMTS. Patsy went to breakfast with a friend so I only had a set time to squeeze in my run so I didn't want to get to far out in the woods. Ended up going about 9 miles between the trails and then did some hill repeats up Candler's Mountain while waiting for Patsy to come pick me up. Wasn't quite as long as I would've liked to go but got some good technical running in. I also know some new trails that I can link into my long runs to add some length.

PM-17.5 miles bike
Weekends are wife time and so I went with her to the gym to get in some cross training on the bike. Tomorrow, Patsy will be going for her first long run. Spent most of the afternoon psyching her up! The rest of the day was spent watching the first unfortunate lost of my beloved Manchester United and following twitter updates of the Rocky Raccoon 100.

Sunday 2/6/2011
Blackwater Creek Bike Trail-6 mi barefoot (1:02)
Wife and I went to Percival's Island for her first long run outside. Due to her bad asthma, Patsy does most of her running indoors but she is slowly working toward more outdoor running. She killed it on this run. Was tons of fun to encourage her. She was able to run and breath seamlessly the entire time and we got to enjoy some beautiful weather. I think we will be making this a regular weekend occurrence. This was also the longest I've ran barefoot. Was fun to see how far I could go. My feet did take a bit of a beating, but that was primarily because I spent too much time running on the asphalt rather than on the grassy shoulder.  I will do well to spend more time on the grass on these runs.

Running Ray of Sunshine!
My Smoking hot wife lacing up!

Total Jogged: 36 mi
Time Jogged: 5:28

Jog on Mates!

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