Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekly Jog Log: October 15th-October 21st

Monday October 15th
Dreadmill Tempo Attempt-4 miles-(35 mins)
I mistakenly let my wife talk me into joining her in the gym for a run. I was initially delighted when there was only one machine open so I could lazily ride the bike. Unfortunately, the machine opened up and left me with no excuse. So in order to attempt to make the best out of the dreadmill I set the incline at 3% and decided to see how long I could hold a pretty hard pace. Turns out not too long. Legs were really dead and dreadmills are BORING.  

Tuesday October 16th
Sophie's Flat Trail Attempt-7 miles (72 mins)
Tagged along out Wickenburg way and had plans to run the Sophie's Flat Trail in it's entirety. Unfortunately the trail is sparsely marked and the rains have wreaked havoc on many parts and I lost the trail near the first corral. I was running in the counter clockwise direction and decided to cut cross country to hit some higher points that I  could see. About 3 miles later (most of which was hiking) I found the trail and continued on. Due to my detour I was out a lot longer than planned so I cut across on one of the bypass trails to finish the run on the road. I'm coming back out on Thursday and will try the trail in the other direction to see if I can't find my way this time.    

Wednesday October 17th
Went for a 4+ mile barefoot walk while geocaching around the new neighborhood.

Thursday October 18th
Vulture Mine Rd. Sun C Trail 1 & 2-6.5 miles (55 mins)
Planned on a real easy exploration run out Wickenburg way. Geocaching told me there were some caches along a trail called Sun C trail. I was not able to find any other information online about such a trail but Google maps looked semi promising so I figured I'd check it out. Ran down the road for a ways and then turned onto jeep trails which faded into some single track for about a mile. This trail appears to have gone unused for quite some time as it was littered with ruts from this summer's rains. Took it real easy on the legs and walked quite a bit. Getting excited for Saturday's race.      

Friday October 19th

Saturday October 20th
Cave Creek Thriller 50k
Race Report to come

Sunday October 21st

Jog on Mates! 

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