Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekly Jog Log: October 1st-October 7th

Another month is upon us! Wow how time flies. Last week I mentioned that I was going to begin teaching a sixth grade class. That was a bit hasty on my part as after some prayer and counsel from others I decided to go in a different direction. Other opportunities came to the table and I have decided to pursue those instead. Hopefully will have more details on that later.

Patsy and I ventured up to Flagstaff to spend some R&R and a B&B for her birthday. I could live in that town. Let me rephrase that...I WANT to live in that town. It is so beautiful and is about 40 degrees cooler than the oven we call Phoenix. The cooler climate, outdoor activities, and thin air are going to be cause for many more trips to the ponderosa pines and soft trails that spiderweb the city and surrounding mountains.

In other news...We are moving...again...Not far this time. Just across town. We are quite excited about the move...well not the moving part but the new place! is the dirt for this week:

Tuesday 10/2/2012
163rd-5 miles (46 mins)
Patsy and I got up and ran our normal route this morning. I tried to do some fartlekking but was not feeling it so I just settled in next to my blonde beauty.  It is finally starting to stay cool longer into the day. Didn't hit 100 till almost noon today!

Wednesday 10/3/2012
Jomax-Vietnam Memorial-10 miles (86 mins)
Got a little carried away on this one. My knee has been bothering me a little lately so I decided to stick to the flat this week. Also thought it would be a good opportunity to push the pace a bit. I was able to keep a decent pace for the first half but it was not comfortable. I think that shirking the flat this summer has lulled me into a grinding pace rather than a fleet-footed one.

Thursday 10/4/2012
Jomax-Cotton-3 miles (30 mins)
Real lazy tired run tonight.

Friday 10/5/2012
163rd-5 miles (38 mins)
Did a mile warmup and then did some faster mile repeats. Finished with about ten minutes of barefoot.

Saturday 10/6/2012
No running today. Just did about 3 hours of hiking and geocaching in Wickenburg. Now I'm sitting at the library eavesdropping on some elderly gentleman complaining about "kids" passing judgement on them about the appearance of their old trucks. Very entertaining. 

Hugging Cacti

Window to Wickenburg

Sunday 10/7/2012
AM-EXTERRA Estrella Mountain 20k

PM-163rd-5 miles (50 mins)
Post-race shake out jog. Was real stiff the first mile but felt pretty good the rest of the way.

Jog on Mates!  

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