Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weekly Jog Log: Sept. 24th-Sept. 30th

Although I welcome encounters with wildlife, it also reminds me of how privileged I am to enjoy the beautiful creation that God has made for us. It also reminds me of how darn close I may have come to many dangerous aspects of nature without even realizing it. After nearly stepping on a rattler last Sunday, my morning running kit now has an additional piece of equipment. Actually two new pieces of equipment. The first being a super cheap handheld flashlight...because when faced with a javelina, coyote, wild burro, snake, scorpion, or any other creepy crawly that might decide I look tasty, a flashlight will be the perfect weapon. Obvious choice right? The second piece of equipment might be a little less obvious but all the more useful. My handheld water bottle has a perfect-sized pocket for a leatherman tool. So of course I'm going to lug that along with me. In the event of an attack I'm sure my assailant will allow me the time to unzip the pocket, unfold the knife in order to allow for a fair assault. I'm glad everyone else agrees that these are necessary tools for every early morning runner. I digress...

In other news...I am now the proud teacher of a Social Studies/Language Arts 6th grade class. I know what you're thinking..."Jake, you can't right good, why the heck are you teaching language arts??" I am asking myself the same question. Lets just chalk this one up for the tick marks on the experience belt. Sometimes you can't be picky. is where my pegs have taken me this week.

Tuesday 9/25/2012
AM: Jeep Trails-74 Hill-8.7 miles (86 minutes)
Mumford & Sons Day!!! New CD dropped today to make for a very eclectic slow plod thru the darkness. on a sadder note, as I was jamming I received an email stating my rdio service would be cancelled. For those of you who know me, you know that music is another passion of mine. No, not playing music. I am musically challenged. I love listening to music and rdio is a service that allows you to listen to just about anything out there for a small fee of 5 bucks a month. But my cheap but forgot to re-up my subscription so I am currently without until the next pay day. Pandora it is then. 

PM: 163rd+mile Loop-5 miles (48 mins)
Saw the serpent again today. This time it was light out and I was prepared. The creepy part about this encounter is as I ran by him he simply coiled up and readied himself for attack. No rattling. Had I been a bit more aloof and unaware, I would've never known he was there. Cheeky little bugger.
Live Action
Wednesday 9/26/2012
Fartlekking on the MT-10.7 miles (85 minutes)
This week has been all about hobbies so far. Someone recently dropped a bunch of Geocaches along the Maricopa Trail and I used this a perfect opportunity to couple some speed play with geocaching. This trail sees very little use and is quite overgrown. Hopefully it will be completed in its entirety soon. Once it is, I have an ambitious little idea that could make great use of this little known gem.

Thursday 9/27/2012
Jeep Trails-6.5 miles (58 mins)
My poor little wife has not been able to sleep lately and so we have been getting little sleep at night and more from about 3am on which makes my normal 4am wake-up a bit challenging. Last night we watched You've Got Mail at 1:30 in the morning. Legs felt real heavy so I cut this run shorter than I had planned. For the first time in a while I opted to leave my phone at home. Wouldn't you know that I encounter 6 different colored burros and a coyote while I was out. Of all the times to leave my photo capturing device at home.  

Friday 9/28/2012
163rd-6 miles (58 mins)
Easy run with Patsy down the road and then a loop by nearby elementary school.

Constellation Rd.-10.7 miles (110 mins)
Had planned on going twice this far but due to my wife's birthday and the prospect of her getting out of work early I opted for a shorter run. In that light I slowly slogged through the hills on Constellation Road out Wickenburg Way. Some very beautiful country out there and the hills are long but runnable. Makes for slow miles but I was actually pretty sore the next day from this one. 

A bit of a lower key week than I would've liked but still had some great runs. Gonna gear down for the next week or so as I am running a race next week and don't want to be beat up going into the race. Taking my lovely bride up north for the weekend to celebrate her birthday! Should be a good time!

Jog on Mates!

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