Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekly Jog Log: October 22nd-October 28th

Monday, October 22nd
Shake Out Run-3.75 miles (36 mins)
Was feeling pretty good just 2 days removed from the race so I went for an easy jog with the wife. Legs felt pretty stiff but it was good to get them moving. 

Tuesday, October 23rd
AM: Surprise Wander-5 miles (41 mins)

PM: Cactus HS-Home Bike Commute-10.5 miles (53 mins)

Wednesday, October 24th
PM: Peoria HS-Home Bike Commute-13.1 miles (58 mins)
        Dreadmill Hills-3.2 miles (33 mins)

Thursday, October 25th
AM: Surprise Wander-7.5 miles (62 mins)

PM: Cactus HS-Home Bike Commute-10.5 miles (49 mins)

Friday, October 26th
PM: Cactus HS-Home Bike Commute-10.5 miles (43 mins)

Saturday, October 27th
Scenic Ridge-Mining Road-Hassayampa-12.6 miles (1:59)
 This was going to be my long run for the week but my legs and heart just weren't in it so I tried exploring a little bit. I really like this route as it has a good mix of technical and runnable terrain as well as plenty of options to add some hills.

Sunday, October 28th
Surprise Wander-5.5 miles (52 mins)
Run with the wife.

Weekly Totals
Running: 37.85
Biking: 45.16

This week was supposed to be a recover week but ended up having more miles than planned. I have started subbing at various schools within the Peoria School district and bike home after school each day. This is just easier on our little one-car family. This has been good to get a mix of both running and biking each day. However by the end of the week I was noticing that my legs seemed to lack some pep. This could also be due to the race from the previous week. I plan on continuing to add more biking and that will most likely replace running twice a day. Also, I know that pictures of toes are gross and mine are no exception but I am going to share anyway.

Behold the Ultra Toes!!! 

Jog on Mates! 



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