Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weekly Jog Log: October 29th-November 4th

Monday, October 29th
Goat Camp Trail Hike-3.5 miles (76 mins)
Real leisurely hike in the White Tanks with the wife. Really wish I lived closer to these to run them daily.

Tuesday, October 30th
AM: Surprise Wander-6 miles (48 mins)

PM: Centennial HS-Home Bike Commute-9.5 miles (41 mins)

Wednesday, October 31st
AM: Surprise Wander-7 miles (55 mins)

PM: Ironwood HS-Home-13 miles (54 mins)

Thursday, November 1st
AM: Ride to White Tanks-8.5 miles (39 mins)
        W. White Tank Wander-4.4 miles (61 mins)
        Ride from W. White Tanks-8.5 miles (34 mins)

PM: Barefoot to the Library and Back-3.7 miles (52 mins)

If you leave our place and head out on the Sun Valley Parkway it skirts the Western edge of the White Tank Mountains and I wanted to see if there was any trails out there. No sooner had I started running but my curiosity got the best of me and started climbing/running up a canyon. This turned out to be more of a rigorous hike than a run but was beautiful all the same. Unfortunately the bike ride takes a little bit out of the legs so the run may not be worth the ride out there. I will try this again to see if I can reign in the curiosity and find more runnable trails.      

Friday, November 2nd
Peoria HS-Home Bike Commute-8.8 miles (36 mins)

Saturday, November 3rd
Scenic Ridge Out and Back-17.6 miles (2:40)
 Wanted to go a little farther but neither my legs or my stomach were appreciative of this distance. Walked a lot of the last couple of miles and downhills were painful.        

Sunday, November 4th
Out n Back on Bell-5 miles (50 mins)
Easy Run with the missus. 

Feeling rather uninspired in my running lately. Not the biggest fan of dealing with traffic whilst running. I am still on the hunt for an uninterrupted route in Surprise that is easily accessed from our house. I have also been feeling fatigued but I believe that is due to the increase of cycling that I have been doing. 

Just because I was curious about this, here are the totals for October.
Miles: 181
Time: 27 hours

Jog on Mates!

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